Discovering Your Why


In this core module for Personal Development you will identify the core reasons that drive your ‘Why’ to connect and re-align you with your vision and mission. You’ll then begin to create your purpose or ‘mission statement’ so that you are crystal clear about what inspires you, what inspires others and why you are dedicated on this journey. You will learn the key to setting and achieving goals, intentions, design your career path, discover your ‘master message’, share your inspiring message with people and create a master plan for your future.

Outcome: By the end of this module, you will be able to clearly articulate your ‘master message’ and ‘mission’ with others in order to inspire and connect with your audience. This is an essential step in moving forward with certainty and clarity which is a key element in building a following and taking action towards making an income doing what you love.


Creating a mission statement

  • What is a mission statement?
  • Sharing your message with people
  • What is my master message?
  • Identifying my values

Aligning to purpose

  • Who do I want to be
  • Intention
  • Means of delivery
  • Having a path
  • Setting goals and taking action

Structuring your mission statement

  • Manifestation formula
  • Three steps to a mission statement (purpose statement)
  • Developing your mission Statement
  • Understanding vision, mission and goals

 Your circle of influence

  • You are your environment
  • Opening up possibilities in conversation
  • Group role play activities

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