Marketing and Social Media


“For the music business, social networking is brilliant. Just when you think it’s doom and gloom and you have to spend millions of pounds on marketing and this and that, you have this amazing thing now called fan power. The whole world is linked through a laptop. It’s amazing. And it’s free. I love it. It’s absolutely brilliant.”

Simon Cowell

(Television talent judge and mentor, music and television producer, music talent scout and entrepreneur)

Rockstar Marketing Course overview:

  • Finding your market niche
  • Researching
  • Making your first product
  • Advertising your product
  • Becoming your Own Record Label
  • Online Music Distribution
  • Releasing your own music
  • Building a list
  • Monetizing Your Following
  • Creating Your Brand
  • Outsourcing
  • Mastering and Packaging your music
  • Online Marketing 101: SEO, SMP, Sales Funnels, Email Lists, Advertisements
  • Facebook Advertising
  • and much more!