Children’s Programs

USM offers special programs for children between 2 and 6 years of age. Parents play a vital role in the development of their child throughout their learning during class and at home.

The USM Children’s program employs a holistic ‘Universal’ approach that integrates all of the essential music elements within the context of a fun, creative and interactive group environment. The program utilises a diverse range of musical activities and games that stimulate brain development and acceleration. This is achieved through a multi-sensory system of teaching incorporating the use of movement, vision and aural (hearing) activities. Once this is achieved, students can advance to the Universal Program and focus on their instrument of choice.

The Children’s Program is designed to engender an enjoyment of music in children by teaching them the fundamental music elements using games and activities in a fun interactive environment.

Rhythm is fundamental to producing music as it constitutes the framework that ensures there is a strong link between all other musical elements. During the class, many different Aural Games are used as they help to improves students’ rhythm, pitch and harmony. Body Movement, use of Percussion Instruments and Gesture activities are used to reinforce and internalise beat, pulse, phrasing and dynamics.

Through this program, the children will be able to:

    • Understand the value of different notes & rests
    • Demonstrate various melodic & rhythmic basic patterns using body movement, singing and/or instruments
    • Demonstrate understanding of space/rest in music
    • Practice and develop both solo and ensemble performance skills
    • Gain heightened self confidence and self awareness as being part of a group

Once students have successfully demonstrated the above skills and are ready to progress to their desired instrument of choice, student can begin the Universal Program.