Music Mastery & Theory

Theory, Aural, Musicianship Group Class

(equivalent to Year 10, 11, 12 VET Music)

The Music Mastery Course is designed for musicians who want to elevate their understanding of music to a deeper level. The main areas of focus include theory, aural, musicianship and music history. Students can work through theory grades (exams optional) and learn about a wide range of music theory essentials including:

  • Musical terms and signs
  • Rhythm and time signatures
  • Intervals
  • Structure and Form
  • Cadences
  • Circle of 5th’s
  • Transposition
  • Keys and scales
  • Score analysis
  • 4 Part Voicing (arranging chords)
  • 4 Part Harmony
  • Musical styles and eras
  • Modulation

The Aural Training component includes melodic and rhythmic dictation, chord recognition and chord progression, intervals and development in pitch.