Universal Program


For Voice, Piano, Guitar, Drums, Percussion or Strings

The Universal Program consists of weekly tuition, rehearsals, workshops and performances all combined into a single program. The program is designed to give students the experience and opportunity to learn and develop all facets of becoming a musician. Most importantly, students will and receive multiple opportunities to apply their learnings throughout this multi-faceted experience. Each student works closely with their mentor to develop a series of objectives based on the following areas:

  • Knowledge and application of Musical Elements
  • Develop the ability to read or understand music notation, charts, chords and/or lyrics
  • Learned about various musical styles and performance techniques
  • Developed sound technique
  • Develop confidence by performing regularly for peers and the public
  • Ability to improvise either on a given chord progression or section within a song
  • Create an original piece of music
  • Capture and record their original song or composition
  • Ability to interact musically as a band or ensemble (Collaborative Projects)
  • Developed musical knowledge including basic theory, history and different style/genres/eras and characteristics in music
  • Undertake internal assessments and tests. External graded musical examinations are also available for AMEB and ANZCA syllabi.

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