7 Tips for Making it in the Music Business

Navigating the music business has been a life long learning journey which has led me to create a successful living doing what I love. However, as a young musician in my early career, I used to believe that spending years in the studio practicing for hours on end and working on my craft would be the way to get ‘discovered’ and finally ‘break’ into the music business. I actually believed this for most of my 20’s!

That was until I discovered the tools and principles that changed my mindset and beliefs about music and my potential to make a career from it. The moment I discovered these tools was the moment I began to see results and since then, I’ve been fortunate to have created a successful career and a business doing what I love.

So I’ve put together a few tips to help you start taking action and that you can use right away in order to start thinking like a business and start building a career in the new music industry.

I guarantee an ‘a-ha’ moment or two!

#1 – Discovering Your ‘Why’ and create a road map for your success
If you want to move from your current situation (x) to where you want to be (y), it’s important to identify and develop a series of clear, measurable goals that can be broken down into an action plan and used as a road map in your journey. Reverse engineer your vision and develop a series of short and long term goals to align to your vision by breaking each down into smaller, measurable goals.

#2 – Find your Niche Target Market
Discover your audiences buying motives and research their dominant buying motives through lots of questions and surveys. Remember that your offer (solution) is only as valuable as the problem that proceeds it.

#3 – Build Credibility to build a following
Gaining a following is earned by first seeking to add value to your followers, building trust and then credibility. And in that order.

#4 – Learn Marketing Strategy
Designing marketing campaigns means creating good ad copy, using call to actions and nurturing your database through email and social media marketing. Give your followers and customers a tailored and unique experience by using powerful marketing techniques such as stories, vlogs and blogs to create a connection that INSPIRES and MOVES your audience to take some form of action. i.e. buy tickets to your show, sign up to your mailing list, fan club or sign up to your offer.

#5 – Be Comfortable with Selling
Everything was only created as a result of a sale exchange between two parties. When you have something that can help improve the life of another person, whether it’s education, uplifting music, an event experience or connecting with like minded people, offering your service and products can literally change lives for both sides.

#6 – Manage your Money
Those who manage their money usually receive more money to manage, whether it’s from a bank, an investor, a donor or your parents.  Learn to use excel spreadsheet to track your income and expenses, budgeting, forecast sales and watch your income grow.

#7 – Be Mindful of Your Environment
They say you are the average of the 5 people closest in your circle. Surround yourself with the right people who will support you and also challenge you to become the person you need to be in order to grow and play a bigger game in music, business and in life.

Do what you love,

Steve Jaz
Founder, Mentor & Entrepreneur

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