About The Founder Steve Jaz

Director and founder of the Universal School of Music and the USM Student Support Foundation, Steve Jaz dedicates his life to teaching essential values such as inspiration, creativity and leadership through music and education. As a teacher, musician, entrepreneur, philanthropist and mentor, Steve’s mission has helped people discover their own unique story and inspired vision.

Steve has worked with thousands of people across multiple industries including music, education, entertainment, sales and marketing, personal development, spiritual practices as well as shamans, actors, celebrities, professional athletes as well as leading entrepreneurs and mentors across the country.

Steve is dedicated to developing artists and leaders who have a significant impact in communities around the country by giving people the opportunity to develop a sustainable career in music and education. With a growing team and network across the country and overseas, USM continues to work with its foundation as a way of always giving back to the community and helping develop a stronger industry within Australia.

Read the latest interview ‘Steve Jaz – The Story Behind The Vision’ written by music journalist, Sean A’Hearn.

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