About The Founder Steve Jaz

USM founder, mentor and entrepreneur, Steve Jaz has helps musicians do what they love and turn their knowledge, skill and experience into a music business in the new music industry.

Inspired by years of research and investment in personal development, metaphysics, universal principals and human behaviour, Steve’s unique path of a musician turned entrepreneur has enabled him to generate a six-figure income and a company that has generated millions in revenue and transform the lives of thousands of musicians along the journey.

As a mentor and coach, Steve works with emerging music business start ups revealing his blueprint for success using the tools that have helped him and his clients turn their passion into a thriving business in today’s music industry.

Steve has worked with professionals across multiple industries including record labels, education, entertainment, sales, marketing, coaching, self development, spirit guides, shamans, actors, celebrities and entrepreneurs from around the world.

Steve and his team have also worked with institutions such as Berklee College, JMC, Universal Music, Sony and several independent labels, agencies and venues in Australia and internationally for over 20 years.

Steve is dedicated to developing artists and leaders who have a significant impact in communities around the country by giving people the opportunity to develop a sustainable career in music and education. With a growing team and network across the country and overseas, USM continues to work with its foundation as a way of always giving back to the community and helping develop a stronger industry within Australia.

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