About USM

Our Mission

Evolving a culture of inspiration and creativity is our mission.

We provide an environment for education that allows students to experience music through a Universal approach. Our program encompasses all facets of music and guides students not only in the musical skills they are pursuing, but it also creates opportunities to use music as an avenue to teach other essential life lessons.

The USM values are the foundation for delivering our curriculum, training, culture and philosophy. They are the key to developing true potential.

Our Core Values

  • Inspiration – Music, Life and our Universe
  • Creativity – Song Writing & Improvisation
  • Courage  – Performances and Concerts
  • Integrity – Achievements and Awards
  • Teamwork – Rehearsals, Workshops, Group Projects, Bands and Ensembles
  • Originality – Song Writing & Personal Development
  • Leadership – Our developing team of leaders in communities across the country

A Universal Approach 

At USM we have developed a unique and innovative culture where teachers lead by example, inspire pupils and step beyond the role of confined traditional methods by implementing a Universal or ‘holistic’ approach to music education. USM courses and programs encompass a wide range of structures including private and group tuition, rehearsals, workshops, seminars, performance, master classes, concerts and events. At USM we believe students deserve the opportunity to learn multiple streams of music so that they can make informed choices about their education and career progression.

Our Team

At USM we have developed a unique and innovative team culture. Our experienced team of teachers, musicians and artists guide and inspire students to discover their full potential through our range of courses and programs. Our staff, teachers and mentors consist of  industry professionals who have worked across various parts of the industry including live performance, recording, education, professional development, entertainment, sales, marketing, business, event management, festivals, touring and artist management.

Teachers of the Universal Program have experience and qualifications to teach a broad range of students with a strong focus on performance, creativity and personal development.

Ongoing professional development, training, support, reviews and evaluations for our teachers is integral to maintaining alignment with USM’s vision, mission and philosophy.


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