About USM

Who is USM?

Universal School of Music (USM) is a growing cultural movement in music and education that provides a wide variety of training programs, opportunities and career pathways for musicians, artists and creative entrepreneurs.

USM’s team of mentors have worked with institutions such as Berklee, Harvard University, JMC, Universal Music, Sony and several independent labels, agencies and venues in Australia and internationally for over 20 years.

Our Mission

To educate, mentor and produce professional careers for musicians, artists, teachers and producers in the new music industry.

Our Vision

Our vision is one that guides us to develop musicians, artists and emerging entrepreneurs to become leaders by pioneering a new system of education and building a stronger music industry in Australia and around the world.

About USM

Founded in 2009, the mission of Universal School of Music (USM) is to train, develop and produce independent professional musicians, artists and emerging entrepreneurs to make a living in the new music industry.

USM specializes in private mentoring, group coaching, artist development, marketing, sales, music production, EMP, songwriting, performance, bands and music pedagogy through a series of trainings spread across 5 phases: Learning Your Craft, Record Produce Release, Going Pro, Get Gigs, and Music Business.


About the founder, Steve Jaz

USM founder, mentor and entrepreneur, Steve Jaz has helped thousands of musicians do what they love and turn their knowledge, skill and experience into professional careers. Inspired by years of research and investment in personal development, metaphysics, universal principals and human behaviour, Steve’s unique path of a musician turned entrepreneur has enabled him to transform the lives of thousands of musicians along their journey to becoming full time musicians.

As a mentor and coach, Steve works with emerging music business start-ups (Phase 3) revealing his blueprint for success by using the tools that have helped him and thousands of others to create a successful business in today’s new music industry. Steve has worked across multiple industries including, media, education, the recording industry, entertainment, sales, marketing and mentored personal development skills with thousands of clients, celebrities and leading entrepreneurs across the world.

Learn more about Steve’s story


USM 5 Phases Model

USM is essentially made up of 5 ‘phases’ which are designed as a sequential pathway to advance through the various stages in your journey as a musician or artist moving from amateur to professional.

Phase 1: Learn Your Craft  Voice, Piano, Guitar, Drums, Sax, Percussion, Theory, Recording, Aural, DJ, Songwriting, EMP & Music Production, Stage & Performance.

Phase 2: Record, Produce & Release your music with one of our producers. Music can be released on digital streaming platforms such as Spotify, iTunes and Google Play via ‘USM Records’, TRIBE Records or via an independent label. Different types of releases all have their place in music promotion strategy but every music release is an opportunity to build your fan base, sell your merchandise and position yourself higher as a professional in the industry.

Phase 3: Go Pro and make the transition from amateur to professional. Learn to sell and monetize your knowledge, skills, service and product through our series of professional development modularized training programs.

Learn more about ‘Music & Money’ event and program here


‘Mentor Pro’ Professional Mentor Training & Internship

In 2019 USM will be releasing a new program for musicians, artists, teachers, producers in Phase 3 who are ready to develop their career as professional mentors in a 6 month training and internship program. Learn more about our Mentor Program here.


Phase 4: Get Gigs with USM through our network of partner agencies, labels, associations, venues and music organizations (stand alone phase for Phase 1 or 2 graduates).


Phase 5: Music Business

Once you become equipped as an independent professional in Phase 3, you may be ready to embark on the entrepreneurial journey and start your own company. At this point, we share years of research to give you the tools, platforms and resources required to set up and establish your new music business either independently or in association with USM. Perfect for teachers, coaches, producers and musicians with a vast amount of professional industry experience.