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We Are USM!

Universal School of Music (USM) is a growing cultural movement in music and education that provides a wide variety of training programs, opportunities and career pathways for musicians, artists and creative entrepreneurs.

USM’s team of mentors have worked with institutions such as Berklee, Harvard University, JMC, Universal Music, Sony and several independent labels, agencies and venues in Australia and internationally for over 20 years.

About USM

Founded in 2009, Universal School of Music (USM) has trained, developed and produced thousands of musicians in their journey towards making a living doing what they love.

USM specializes in artist mentoring, group coaching, music marketing, recording, music production, songwriting, performance, and music pedagogy through a customised framework of training modules spread across 3 phases; Mastering Your Craft, Recording and Releasing Your Music, and Launching Your Music Career.

Our Mission

To develop and produce professional careers for musicians, artists, producers and educators in the new music industry.

Our Vision

Our vision is one that guides us to enable artists to become working professionals by pioneering a new model for training, music production and careers in the music industry.

USM Core Values

The following core values are contributions made by our team. They serve to ensure that we continue to provide phenomenal results for our clients and members whilst keeping aligned with our vision to transform education, music production and career pathways in the music industry.

Do what you love

Be true to yourself and others

Listen intently and seek to add value

Be authentic, fun and a little wild

Share your feelings and always seek feedback

Support growth and embrace change

Pursue learning and lead by example

Respect individual abilities and values

Steve Jaz

USM Founder, Entrepreneur & Multi Passionate Creative

USM founder, mentor and entrepreneur, Steve Jaz has helped thousands of musicians do what they love and turn their knowledge, skill and experience into professional careers. Inspired by years of research and investment in personal development, metaphysics, universal principles and human behavior, Steve’s unique path of a musician turned entrepreneur has enabled him to transform the lives of thousands of musicians along their journey to becoming full-time musicians.

Steve Jaz originally began a music career as a session musician, touring with multiple shows and corporate bands and supporting Australian icons such as Darryl Braithwaite and Choirboys. After completing a Bachelor of Music, Steve managed a career as a session musician and a corporate sales executive for several years until he was inspired by a vision to pioneer a new model for artist development, music production and training in Australia.

Steve is the Managing Director and CEO of USM and head of development, marketing and operations for Tribe.

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