Building Fans & Credibility

As a musician, artist, mentor or producer in today’s music industry, your ability to sell your products or services is determined by your ability to articulate your value and connect with others through effective marketing.

Being certain about what you have to offer (value) and presenting it in a way to help others (marketing) is the key to creating exchange with your audience and gaining credibility as a professional in the music business.

Right now, you might be asking yourself this question;  ‘As an emerging artist, musician, mentor, producer, etc how can I prove credibility as have very little paying clients, paying followers or paying gigs at the moment’?

In this module, you will discover areas to consider when determining your value and credibility in the music marketplace to ensure you ‘tick all the boxes’ when it comes to being ‘trusted’ as an expert and that you are someone who has credibility in the music industry.

In the eyes of your audience, an effective positioning statement can cause a prospective fan, client or customer to ’position’ you as someone important and credible in your niche or industry. Every successful musician has an effective positioning statement on all their socials which is used to attract, build intrigue and engage your viewer to learn more about you. 

This often leads to viewers listening and watching your music videos, your story/blogs/vlogs and helps them to decide if they want to follow you. After they have established a connection with you over a series of touch points (through your clever marketing strategy) a percentage of your followers/customers will ultimately purchase your service or products. 

Topics covered:

  • Creating a positioning statement
  • The 9 steps of building credibility 
  • Integrating the 9 steps into your marketing campaigns