Defining Your Image and Brand

Every person is different and unique in this business but what makes any musician stand out from the herd?

Creating an impression on your fans is measured by how well you can articulate your message, your unique selling point and the values you hold.

Presenting your unique value or point of difference is the key to building a brand that earns credibility in the industry and provides the foundations to package and sell your products, music, act, service and merchandise.

To create maximum impact to your followers or clients it is vital to market your message using engaging content across various platforms including blogs, emails, videos, live events and social media. One of the most effective means to share your message and journey is by using story.

Stories have been used by professional marketers for decades and most recently has become the new means for advertising, branding and establishing a deeper connection with your audience.

The main purpose is to create a powerful story that INSPIRES and MOVES your audience.

Topics covered in this module:

  • Identifying your ‘MYSTIQUE’ and your ‘Point of Difference’
  • Developing a Personal Brand and Image
  • Discovering your Avatar
  • Developing your story 
  • The 5 parts to a compelling story
  • Structuring part of your story into a video script
  • Presenting your story
  • Preparing for social media ad campaign

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