Defining Your Image and Service


Here we begin to identify your ‘mystique’, create your business ‘brand’ and discover your avatar or target market.  You’ll also learn about your specific roles and responsibilities in relation to your service, your unique value or point of difference and learning how to sell your service or products such as your music, production/recording services, merchandise, tours, consulting, mentoring etc.

Outcome: By the end of this module you will be in a prime position to start selling and trading your services to people by combining your work from ‘Discovering Your Why’ with your primary service or product developed in this module.


Defining Your Image

  • Express purpose discovery
  • Identifying your ‘MYSTIQUE’ and your ‘Point of Difference’
  • Developing a Personal Brand and Image
  • Discovering your Avatar

Defining Your Service

  • Knowing your roles and responsibilities
  • How and who do you serve?
  • Setting up your ideal working environment

Developing your story

  • Structuring your story
  • Sharing your story
  • Reflection
  • Interview Preparation for media kit/website/press release

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