Discover Your Why

Have you ever considered what it would be like to reverse engineer the life you dream of?

You may have heard the phrase, ‘That which is perceived can be conceived’. However, not all first creations are by conscious design and if we fail to own our unique gifts, we run into the trap of losing our own sound, our own true calling or mission as an artist.

Thats why, the first step in creating a successful lifestyle doing what you love begins with knowing exactly WHAT you would love to create by discovering your ‘WHY’.

If we don’t take the time to design our lives according to our highest values and honour our own unique sound, message and calling, we empower other people, circumstances and beliefs to shape and govern our actions forcing limits on our potential.

When you do what you love and act according to your highest priorities, taking daily actions, keeping accountable and being responsible for your own lifestyle (living proactively vs reactively) people, events, opportunities and circumstances will support you on that journey. It’s the most basic yet underestimated principal that has been the driving force behind all the great leaders and artists who have discovered their own inspiring and powerful message. This has the potential to attract a genuine following who will find a deep connection and interest in your music, cause, movement or ‘why’ and support you in your journey.

Module Overview

In this core module you will identify the core reasons that drive your ‘Why’ in order to re-connect and align with your vision and purpose. Once you become crystal clear about what inspires you and the reason (or your ‘Why’) you are dedicated to this journey, you will learn the key to setting and achieving goals, design a blueprint plan for success and begin sharing your inspiring message with the world.

Outcome: By the end of this module, you will be able to clearly articulate your message, your vision and mission with others that will influence, inspire your audience and establish a deeper level of connection with your followers. This is an essential step in moving forward with certainty and clarity which is a key element in building a following and making an income doing what you love.


Creating a mission statement

  • What is a mission statement?
  • Sharing your message with people
  • What is my master message?
  • Identifying my values

Aligning to purpose

  • Who do I want to be
  • Intention
  • Means of delivery
  • Having a path
  • Setting goals and taking action

Structuring your mission statement

  • Manifestation formula
  • Structuring your mission (purpose) statement
  • Developing your Mission Journal
  • Understanding vision, mission and goals

 Your circle of influence

  • Unlocking limiting beliefs
  • Designing your environment
  • Opening up possibilities in conversation
  • Group role play 

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