For a limited time, we’re giving away over $997 worth of educational content where you can access our full range of artist professional development sessions. Topics covered in the month of January are listed below, just speak to our team to sign up for your free session.

Building Credibility & Trust in your Niche –Learn how to build a following by building trust throughout your marketing campaigns, build credibility, add value and set up your positioning statement for your socials and website.

Marketing Strategies & Social Media – Design your ‘event sales funnel’, using attractive ad copy, call to actions and essential email marketing tools. Set up your own facebook & Instagram business sponsored lead generation ads. Craft a powerful story that INSPIRES and MOVES your audience to take some form of action. e.g. buy tickets to your show, sign up to your mailing list, fan club or attend your gigs.

Discover Your Avatar & Target Market – Discover your avatar’s buying motives (niche/target market) and researching their psycho demographics through a carefully designed survey. This is imperative if you want to create any type of exchange (usually measured by ticket sales, merch, engagement and referrals) between you & your fans.

Sales & Conversion Strategy  – How to convert a new prospect into a paying fan or client at point of sale situations such as selling from stage at live gigs, merch table, post event follow up and pre event nurturing calls.

Managing Money – Manage your money and learn to budget, create sales forecasts, track expenses, establish ROI and what you can claim on tax as a musician.

Unlocking Limiting Beliefs (that may be holding you back)A private 30 min session with Steve to unlock any beliefs that may be sabotaging your ability to give and receive value.

How to create agreements and maintain accountability – How to establish roles, responsibilities and boundaries when working with musicians, hirers, producers, artist managers and music professionals. A crucial skill for any professional who wishes to maintain the integrity of his or her relationships in the music industry.

How to turn a dream into an executable vision, mission and set of goals – Using the most cutting edge goal-setting strategies used by Bono, Spotify, Google and Twitter.

How to use Intelligent Questions  – Use researched based and proven methods of Questions and Sequences to guide a conversation, identify dis-empowering beliefs or influence a win-win outcome.

Essential Mentoring Skills and Framework – To get you started as a pro mentor right away.

Music Career Development Advice Sessions – Customised for your specific stage in your journey.

Role plays, activities and networking opportunities – Collaborate with artists, songwriters, producers, mentors and create professional relationships to build your network, your resources and grow your audience.


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