Event Management

Events within the Music Industry are essential to the vitality of both artists and admirers. They create an environment for like-minds to connect through a shared interest of art but also serve as a platform for promising artists to gain valuable experience—performing at a higher level. Running a successful event requires a diverse range of skills including; project management, budgeting, scheduling, negotiation and vision.

At the end of USM’s Event Management module you’ll have an agile understanding of how to run an event form start to finish. You will also have the opportunity to execute your event live and receive benefits of putting your knowledge to the test at one of USM’s partner music venues.

Week 1

Course Overview

Building your team 

  • Understanding the varied roles within Event Management
  • Presenting personal strengths/weaknesses (self assessment and presentation)
  • Delegating responsibilities (operations, marketing, entertainment liaison, financial control)

Setting your objectives and workflow

  • Creating team rules/etiquette (around discussion and communication)
  • Leading a meeting/mastermind (agenda, contribution, outcomes and delegation)
  • Setting realistic event objectives (attendance, feedback, financial, data grab)
  • Setting up project management tools & communication (slack, meeting minutes, google drive) 

Week 2-3

Conceptualizing your event

  • Obtain and discuss references
  • Complete product document (event build, marketing collateral etc)
  • Complete budget PNL (expenses, projections)
  • Communicating with the venue (terms of engagement)
  • Create event promotion and execution timeline input into project management tool

Week 4-5

  • Marketing your event
  • Creating and sending design briefs
  • Organising and executing marketing collateral (traditional means)
  • Social media

Preparing for your event

  • Identify load in and setup responsibilities (who oversees what)
  • Operational communication (financial responsibilities, resource distribution and communication on night)
  • What to look for in your event (spatial design, crowd experience etc)
  • The importance of enjoying your event

Week 6

Host Your Live Event !

Week 7

Reviewing your event

  • Customer feedback and extension of thanks
  • Various areas team should be providing feedback and discussing collectively
  • Financial review and PNL
  • Opportunities for growth
  • Skills and lessons learned

Facilitated by Jake Waters

Developing his craft as Marketing Manager and Partner at Mynt Lounge; a premier venue in Melbourne’s west, Jake Waters has been running events since the summer of 2009. Passionate about connecting people with shared interest and empowering those with the tools to realise their full potential, Jake has driven events ranging from festivals to fundraisers, club night’s to concerts and everything in between.