Member Bookings: Adults & Teens (12yrs & over)

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USM is excited to provide our members with the latest and most up to date masterclasses, workshops and live events for musicians, artists and entrepreneurs in today’s music industry.

Simply scroll down to select your preferred event and fill in the booking form to secure your free spot…it’s that simple!

Limited places are available so book in quick to avoid missing out.

with Michel Kroll
Date: Tuesday 25th September 2018

AGES 12-35+
Time: 6pm – 7:30pm

Uncover the secrets that will aid you in becoming the best possible singer you can be, live on stage. In this masterclass you will have the opportunity to jump on stage and perform a song of your choice, where you will receive immediate feedback from both your peers and USM mentor, Michel Kroll.

You will experience a positive shift in your technique, as well as a new-found sense of clarity and presence after having applied new elements to your singing with Michel’s unique set of tools.

To get the most out of this masterclass, please prepare one song to perform to the best of your ability.

NOTE: If you’re just beginning your journey and aren’t yet ready to perform on stage, you can still participate and take part in giving feedback to performing artists.

with Simon Salerno

Date: Wednesday 3rd October 2018

Ages: 14 – 35

Session #1: 11.00am – 12.00pm
Session #2: 12.30pm – 1.30pm

Do you struggle to land that perfect mix?

If your answer to this question is yes, schedule the Sonic Presence Mixing Masterclass: Landing the Perfect Mix into your calendar now! This masterclass is your ticket to landing that gig over ‘the other guy’.

You’ll be learning how to take you DJing to the next level through applying exercises, tips and tricks that were designed by USM mentor, Simon Salerno, over several years of practice, trial, error and of course, success.

During this masterclass you will discover:

  • How to ear train using loops
  • How to blind mix using gain signal from mixer
  • How to play multiple genres using cuts and fades
  • How to fine tune your internal clock using a metronome
  • How to beat match using the pitch/tempo shifter

What’re you waiting for? Get to the festival stage in half time with the Sonic Presence Masterclass: Landing the Perfect Mix.

with Michel Kroll

Date: Tuesday 25th September 2018
Ages: Adults + teens over 12 yrs

Time: 7.30pm – 9.00pm

It’s taken you so much time to step foot on the stage. You’ve had lessons, you’ve been writing and practicing those songs for weeks, and you’ve even invested in professional recording. Beyond this, you’ve been networking, you’ve sent out invitations to everyone you know, and now, you’ve reached a point where you’re not feeling yourself.

You’re trapped in a shell, unable to connect with your audience.

If this sounds like you, we strongly suggest attending Master the Stage, with Michel Kroll. In this hands-on masterclass, we will assist you in measurably improving your stage presence and performance abilities. You will have the opportunity to jump on stage and share your performance with us, receiving constructive feedback from both peers, and USM mentor, Michel – no boring theory, just practical advice to help you advance your skills to the next level.

NOTE: To get the most out of this masterclass, please come prepared with one song to perform on stage.

with Michael Saleta
Date: Thursday 4th October 2018

Ages: 12-35 years +
Time: 7pm – 8.30pm

The journey of mastering the guitar is a long one, driven by a love for the craft, commitment to the process, lots of sweat, and an abundance of inspiration.

In this workshop, you will learn to overcome some of the most common problems and challenges a guitarist will face, so you can in turn become the best you can be. Move on over Hendrix!

USM mentor, Michael Saleta will address challenges such as:

  • Changing between chords
  • String skipping
  • Lack of time for practice
  • Growing bored
  • Physical pain as a result of playing
  • Plus many more!

Upon completion of this workshop, you will walk away feeling able to take your guitar playing to the next level, without the hurdle of common challenges in your way.

Theory for beginners with Michel Kroll

Date: Thursday 27th September 2018
Ages: 12- 35 +

Time: 6pm-7:30pm

We all love playing music, thrilling melodies and captivating chords. The magic of song and the joy of feeling every note.

But did you know, that there is a science behind tones and sounds? Are you curious understanding and building music and the force that holds everything together?

In this Masterclass, you will gain an understanding of the 3 essential building blocks in music – Rhythm, Melody & Harmony.

Together we will compose our own music and learn how Ed Sheeran or the Chainsmokers use those elements to write their hits.

By the end of the workshop you will understand how music is structured and how you can use it to express yourself musically.

This workshop is for all musicians, who are interested in learning more about their music. No experience required.

with Joe Torre

Wednesday 26th September 2018

Ages: Adults & Teens over 12 years

Time: 6.00pm – 7.30pm

‘How do I build enough confidence to perform in front of a room of people?’

‘How do I stand out from the crowd?’

‘How can I start playing gigs?’

If you’ve found yourself asking these all too common questions, you’re not alone! Many up and coming artists and musicians face struggles with self-confidence and have hundreds of questions around breaking into playing gigs. If this sounds like you and your niche is being behind the drumkit, we strongly suggest attending Self-Confidence and Landing Gigs with Joe Torre.

In this masterclass USM mentor, Joe, will address some of the common questions which are regularly raised in lessons, as well as aid you in tackling issues of self-confidence head on, and making your goals a reality.

This Masterclass is structured to focus on getting behind the drum-kit, entering the live music scene and securing gigs, as well as overcoming associated challenges.

Internal Event Bookings for Adults & Teens (12 years & over)

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