Mentoring & Coaching

Is mentoring for me?

For those serious about a career and wish to make move from amateur to professional, the simple answer to this question is – Yes.

We often get asked this question and rightly so. There are some similarities between coaching, teaching and mentoring however, in order to truly understand mentoring, it’s important to establish differences between teaching, coaching, counselling and mentoring.

Let’s take a deeper look.

Teaching: Impart knowledge and information through instruction to improve IQ and develop skill

Coaching: Set tasks, train skill and performance to increase ability

Counselling: Listens and questions in order to build self-awareness and self-confidence

Mentoring: May draw on a number of approaches which includes Teaching, Coaching & Counselling.

The primary role of the mentor is to build capability.

The developmental mentor helps the learner discover their own wisdom by encouraging them to work towards career goals or develop self-reliance.

This tends to produce higher levels of EQ (emotional intelligence) through experience and application in real contexts and environments such as the workplace, on stage, at a gig, during a sales call, video shoot, recording session, workshop, studio, meetings and negotiations, legal issues, financial, personal and professional relationships… etc

In mentoring, the mentee experiences a higher level of accountability to achieve deeper more enduring results that generally lasts a lifetime. The student or mentee can move into a SDL (Self Directed Learning) stage much quicker than any other approach and therefore achieve both short and long term goals.

In mentoring, the mentor does not have authority over the mentee and centres on the learner’s personal goals. Because the relationship is mutually beneficial and both parties are learning along the journey, strong bonds are often forged that often result in friendship.

Apart from this, mentors will often guide you in other ways in your career such as sharing their network and industry connections, providing support in between sessions (phone/email/SMS), help to source work in the industry and be available to support you whilst in the field, in the studio, at a gig or during an important deal.

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