Personal & Artist Development


Personal, Artist and Business Development are part of a series of modularised trainings designed to assist and empower musicians and artists to become independent professionals in the music industry.

The program includes the a number of modules which can be taken individually including:

  1. Discovering Your Why
  2. Defining Your Image and Service
  3. Event management
  4. Touring, funding and grants
  5. Establishing your team and support network (e.g. booking agent, investors, music producer, creative media designer, band, promoter etc)
  6. Developing your Business Marketing and Financial plan
  7. Digital Marketing and Social Media (Facebook/Instagram Advertising)
  8. Developing your own professional artist website and media releases
  9. Building your public profile in the industry
  10. Professional and personal development with industry leaders
  11. Recording and working with producers
  12. Building your fan base
  13. Networking opportunities
  14. Further mentoring and professional opportunities


  • Receive the mentorship and guidance by professionals and leaders in the industry
  • Receive regular on-going support from a vast network of developing and growing artists and musicians
  • Be part of an exciting professional, working team and supportive culture
  • Receive access to all educational and practical resources
  • Learn about selling your music and tap into social media and advertising to gain maximum exposure and reach
  • Make the transition from amateur musician to professional artist
  • Learn about professional business structures, sales and marketing tools to make money $ and start your career now.
  • Gain the knowledge, wisdom and support to make valuable decisions in business dealings
  • Gain extensive performance experience and training as an artist and entertainer
  • Receive paid performance opportunities through our Entertainment Booking Service*
  • And more!

*This program currently offers both paid and non-paid professional performance experience at venues and events around Melbourne with a view to expand nationally. The program structure consists of monthly weekly meetings and live seminars/events.  The purpose of these seminars is to bring groups of participants together with mentors, focusing on a series of topics set by the facilitator. In addition to this, monthly and weekly outcomes will be set by both the facilitator and the participants in order to to align with the vision, objectives and goals of each individual.

All participants who are present will be required to actively participate in each session and to complete the set outcomes and tasks to the best of their ability. The participants will be asked to present and share their work, learning, highlights, challenges and experiences in order to provide and offer feedback, reflection, evaluation and support to one another.

Places for the program are limited. Contact us today to book your free discovery session and learn more about Personal and Artist Development at Universal School of Music.