Career and Business Development


Throughout this program, we share years of research to give you the tools required to set up and establish your new music business .Whether it’s making an income as a recording consultant, mentor, manager, booking agent, producer, teacher/coach, the principals we teach you are based on the same fundamental models we have used to build successful independent careers for our clients.

Our team of experienced mentors, entrepreneurs and business consultants have worked with thousands of people, across various industries including music, education, professional development, entertainment, sales, marketing and business.

Throughout this training you will discover the tools and secrets to building a successful business in the new music industry and gain the experience of working with leading industry entrepreneurs. But most importantly, we will show you how you too can make an income doing what you love.

Topics include:

  • Business planning and management
  • Independent Contractors,
  • Employees, partners, sponsors
  • Credit and collection
  • Finance and accounting
  • Staff training
  • Culture and team building
  • Events management (internal and public)
  • Human resources
  • Internet and technology
  • Legal
  • Operations and logistics
  • Real Estate
  • Sales and marketing
  • Software
  • Systems
  • Customer Service
  • Digital marketing
  • Local Area Marketing

To discover more about how to turn your skills, knowledge and experience into a music business, book your free seat to our upcoming event MUSIC & MONEY: How to break into the music business with USM founder & mentor Steve Jaz.