DJ Courses



There are 4 grades for DJing;

Grade 1 – 1 term,

Grade 2 – 1 term,

Grade 3 – 2 x terms

Digital Electronic Music Production with Ableton Live

Grade 4 – 4 x terms

To advance each grade the student must pass an assessment. Once the 4th Grade has been reached the student is ready for professional DJing.

The first grade certification of DJing covers the basics of performing a mix in a vinyl system. The skills learned and acquired in this grade will be utilized in subsequent grades and when mastered will start the progress of a well-balanced future artist.

For the second grade of DJing we begin to explore new technology, modern DJ techniques and learn to set up a professional DJ set.

Once completed, the third grade will enable the student to become a performing artist. They will learn the necessary skills to prepare and perform a professional DJ set, produce a professional demo CD, develop a performance persona and begin to earn a credible and professional name.


Digital Electronic Music Production

The Digital Electronic Music Production grade is an option course, or an ad-on course. It can be studied with or without the previous courses. This course will focus on the development of a digital artist and will teach the student dance music production from the basics through to advanced usage of digital tools. It would be an advantage and is advised for the student to have completed at least grade one or two of the DJ course, however it is not a requirement.

This course will focus solely on Ableton Live, and will feature details tutorials on using all of Abletons functions as well as workshops of sound design using various industry standard digital synthesizers  Equalizer, Compressors, Limiters, Drum machines and other digital software from Brands such as Native Instruments, LinPlug and Waves.