Universal Program

Phase 1: Learn Your Craft

For Voice,Guitar, Piano/Keyboard, Bass & Drums/Percussion 

The fundamentals of learning to develop your craft and skill as a musician begins in the Universal Program which consists of weekly tuition, mentoring, scheduled rehearsals, workshops and performances all combined into a single program. It is designed to give you the experience and opportunity to learn and develop all facets of becoming a musician and most importantly the opportunity to apply your learnings throughout this multi-faceted experience.

Each student works closely with their mentor to develop a series of objectives based on a selection of the following framework:

  • Knowledge and application of Musical Elements
  • Develop the ability to read or understand music notation, charts, chords and/or lyrics
  • Learned about various musical styles, stage and performance techniques
  • Developed sound technique
  • Develop confidence by performing regularly for peers and the public
  • Ability to improvise on any given chord progression
  • Create an original piece of music
  • Capture and record your original song
  • Band and ensemble rehearsals and collaborations
  • Develop general musical knowledge including basic theory, history and different style/genres/eras and characteristics in music
  • Undertake internal assessments and tests
  • External graded musical examinations also available for AMEB and ANZCA syllabi

If your aim is to become a professional singer-songwriter, cover musician, entertainer, session musician, electronic music producer, start a band or an original artist, then the next step in your journey is to become crystal clear about the type of artist you want to become and create your product, music and your personal brand in Phase 2: Record.Produce.Release

At this stage, you’re ready to work with one of our producers and have your music released on digital streaming platforms such as Spotify, iTunes,Youtube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp and Google Play.

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