Master Your Craft


For Voice, Guitar, Piano/Keyboard, Bass, Drums, Percussion, Saxophone, Music Theory & Performance

Becoming a musician begins with mastering your instrument, craft and skill.

What’s included in Master Your Craft?

In addition to your weekly lesson, you’ll get the chance to attend rehearsals, masterclasses, regular performances throughout the year plus the chance to perform at the USM Annual Music Awards. Plus you’ll receive the opportunity to develop all facets of becoming a modern musician and apply everything you learn so you can experience what it’s truly like to be a musician.

In Master Your Craft, each student works closely with their teacher/mentor to develop a series of customised objectives based on the Master Your Craft Framework.

What you get

    • Weekly classes with your teacher/mentor during the USM school terms
    • Access to quarterly Masterclasses & Workshops
    • Performance opportunities at in house venue Studio 705, at community events, festivals and our partner venues
    • Managed rehearsals for bands and ensembles
    • Access to all events at Studio 705
    • Invitation to perform at our Annual Music Awards & Show (Encore Events Centre)
    • Regular detailed reports and correspondence with your teacher/mentor

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If your aim is to become a professional singer-songwriter, cover musician, entertainer, session musician, electronic music producer, start a band or an original artist, Master Your Craft can prepare you for the next phase in your journey.

Learn more about how to Record and Release Your Music in phase 2 of your journey.