Team Development & Core Values

Universal School of Music is looking for inspiring music teachers and mentors to become part of a growing cultural movement in contemporary music education.

Universal Program: Vision & Mission

Our vision is to inspire and empower students in the Universal Program by providing them with the means to experience all facets of music education. Our mission is to develop an awareness and an understanding of the value of personal development through song writing, performance, teamwork (collaboration) and increase overall learning capacity.

At USM we have developed a unique and innovative culture. Our team of mentors provide a leading example in their field, inspire our students and guide students through a series of objectives to help them achieve their personal and professional goals.

Teachers of the Universal Program gain the experience and qualifications to teach a broad range of students with a strong focus on performance, creativity and personal development.

Ongoing professional development, training, support, review and evaluation forms an integral part of aligning with USM’s vision and philosophy. Further development and opportunities within the organisation may be offered to teachers who demonstrate mastery in all of the above skills and attributes and to those who display an outstanding level of commitment and leadership.

USM Core Values

 The following core values are contributions made by our team. They serve to ensure that we continue to provide phenomenal results for our students and members whilst we keep each other accountable and aligned to our mission. Together, we create our own Universe by believing in our cause, our culture and living our core values:

  1. Do what you love
  2. Be true to yourself and others
  3. Listen intently and seek to add value
  4. Be authentic, fun and a little wild
  5. Share your feelings and always seek feedback
  6. Support growth and embrace change
  7. Pursue learning and lead by example
  8. Respect individual abilities and values
  9. Share your story and honour your calling
  10. Work for what you believe in and makes you happy

To apply to become part of the team at Universal School of Music, simply fill in your details below.

Experienced teachers, mentors, musicians and artists will be highly considered and undergraduates are also encouraged to apply.

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