Shaun Porter – Universal Program for Guitar/Voice

“Dear Steve,

I would like to thank you for your time on the phone earlier this week. I just wanted to drop you a line and to let you know how impressed I was to hear your solid vision and dedication to developing these young people not only musically but also arming them with the self-confidence and the development tools to take into their everyday lives.

From a personal stand point I have seen my son start guitar in a basic group situation with little confidence and quickly develop in a few short years into playing and singing, fronting a band ensemble with great proficiency and self-belief.

Through the vision you have created and the teachers as well as your backroom team all buying into the USM “way” it’s given Ayden the freedom to think for himself, expand his approach to music and also set no limits on his development both in the short and long term.

It`s encouraging to see USM not only talk the talk in regards to your core values but also walk the walk.”

Shannelle Diongson, Universal Program for Voice

“Way back then, I watched TV showing young children acting, singing and dancing. Never did it cross my mind that I will be one of those children performing in a big crowd. Mum and Dad enrolled me in music and acting schools where I started learning the rudiments of singing, dancing and acting. Things changed unexpectedly when Mum enrolled me in Universal School of Music (USM) four years ago. I was then 6 years old. I started playing piano, then USM mentors helped to develop my singing and performance skills. I participated in USM workshops, rehearsals and perform regularly at term concerts, fund raising concerts and pop up events. Universal School of Music introduced me to the Wyndham Council where I prepared a performance at a Citizenship Ceremony. From then on, the council has asked me to sing the national anthem in almost every citizenship ceremony in 2015. I feel proud singing with confidence in front of hundreds of local Australian Citizens. Regarding my singing, USM has taught me the love of music and inspired me to keep singing and learning every day. Playing piano and guitar is just awesome when USM is around. Thank you USM.”

Dianna Tiatto, Events Officer for Wyndham City 

“On behalf of Wyndham City, we  would like to thank Shannelle Diongson for her professionalism and commitment in performing at our Citizenship Ceremonies held throughout the year. It’s no easy task to stand up in front of up to 200 people, yet Shannelle performs the ‘National Anthem’ & ‘I am Australian’ songs with pride and enthusiasm every time. She is a remarkable young performer with a very bright future”

Michaela (Michelle) Nowak, Literacy Leader & Coach at Taylors Lakes Secondary College

Our son Nicholas has attended Universal School of Music (USM) since the school’s inception. In that time he has become not only a proficient piano player, but also an adept performer –  he’s even began composing his own music!  As our son entered VCE his passion for music grew and this can be attributed to the engaging methods and supportive people at USM. For Nicholas music has truly become an integral part of his life. Thank you USM!   

Michael Pratt, Course Coordinator Tourism & Events School of Service Industries / Victoria University Werribee Campus

“The staff and the fabulous students at the Universal School of Music have been a delight to work with over the course of our themed dinners and shows.

If you are looking for a kind, enthusiastic and passionate supporter of your event, be it big or small, I cannot recommend more highly the USM team and students at the Universal School of Music. A great team to work with and a great pleasure to know.”

Rheanna, Community Development Officer / Wyndham City Council

“Just want to thank you again for the fantastic performances on Sunday. They were FANTASTIC!!! You should be proud of yourself as a teacher/instructor as should the rest of your team.

If you could can you please pass on my congratulations to all the performers from Sunday. They blew me away, I had goose bumps when watching them.
Well done USM! Looking forward to working with you guys more in the future.”

Thalia Laughlin – Teacher’s Testimonial, August, 2015

“I have been a teacher in development at The Universal School of Music for just under one year. My experience so far has completely transformed the way I think about teaching and learning music. USM has taught me that learning music is so much more than notes on a stave; values learned through music transcend the classroom and can be applied to all areas of our lives. Values such as leadership, courage and trust are nurtured through USM’s full spectrum of professional musical opportunities and have a profound effect on the way we interact with the world around us. Being part of such an encouraging and supportive team has enabled me to gain tremendous confidence and develop strong relationships with my students, my team as well as my own professional development.”

Serena Tan

“It’s so refreshing to find a music school that has a vision beyond mastering an instrument and having a paper qualification to show for it. At the start of the year my child was invited to set goals for the year and to decide how much she wants to achieve – a great way for her to learn self-discipline and accountability. She has been to her first band workshop and now knows what jamming with others feels like. And when she’s ready, I know USM will have more opportunities for her to explore: performing, song writing, recording. What a privilege to have Steve and his team of hardworking teachers support my child on her musical journey. “

Greg Winfield

“My initial expectations of USM were high, I would classify myself as a mature age student I suppose. After meeting with Steve and Chris on where I wanted to go; my expectations were exceeded after only a few lessons. Having spent some time with Ableton previously, Chris was able to show me many ‘key’ tips to the product which streamlined my ability to beat-match and start bringing tracks together very VERY quickly. A few lessons later everything came together illustrating the dynamics available within this area to which the only thing holding me back now, is time. Coupled together with an infinite amount of available resources which, are at your fingertips (which you don’t even realise), makes this course a success in its own right. I encourage anyone who wants either an introduction to this field or, to update their skills to the ‘new age’ to stop thinking about doing this and get into it. Age is no excuse – start banging out some tunes. “

Damien Jones

“Since joining USM, my 6 year old son, Thomas, has been exposed to excellent coaching and student workshops that have seen him improve remarkably with his drumming skills. The most amazing transition we have seen is with his confidence and coordination as a drummer and this has extended to all other aspects of his life. USM’s holistic approach to learning music, instruments and performing has paid dividends for us.. Thank you.”

Sharon Sinclair

“Universal School of Music truly lives up to its motto of creating an evolving culture of inspiration and creativity. Our daughter Rachael first attended USM at the age of 4 and has been attending now for just over 2 years. In that short period of time Rachael has grown to love music to such an extent that she has literally integrated music into her everyday life and has even developed an ability to translate emotions and activities into sounds. The structured training and inspirational guidance provided to Rachael by her teachers, together with the opportunities given to perform in from of live audience has been exceptional. Through the great work done by USM, Rachael has gained confidence and developed a real life skill of being able to maintain focus and concentration for longer periods of time not only in music but in all other areas of her life.

Thanks USM for all your efforts. Keep up the great work. “

Tamika Cook ‘DJ Cookie’

“The DJ course has been such a big achievement for me. Every time my mum picks me up I always have something new to say. I started off with the vinyls and now I will be moving onto the disc decks. I enjoy every minute of the course. I did my first performance in march with the vinyls and I’m very proud of myself for having the guts to do a public performance. I use the skills I learn at USM to use at home. I have learned to beat drop, beat match, also how to use the highs, the mids and the lows. I know what to do in clubs when I’m older. Ever since I started the DJ course my friends have been so supportive for me. They ask me for back stage passes when I start to do my own concerts and they tell me that because I know them they can get free stuff. This whole experience with the course is unbelievable. I wish I could do it more often. “